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Welcome to Kindergarten Art!
Jan 27-Feb 1 Art Adventure 2020! Theme: Let's Celebrate Life!
Jan. 17th - Winter Tree Paintings
12/16 Stuffed Toy Prints On Display!
12/13 Stuffed Toys Printmaking! K-Alef (Palmer)
12/4 The Hanukiyot are glazed!
12/3 Clay Hanukiyot!
10/28 Color Wheel
10/28/19 Fall Art Display - Come check it out!
K-Alef (Palmer) Silly Line People
K- Bet (Danovsky) Shape Cats
12/13 Stuffed Toys Printmaking! K-Bet (Danovsky)
11/8 Warm and Cool Coor Paintings
L'Shanah Tovah!
Clay Leaves are done!
Clay Leaf Bowl