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7-8 Photography Fall 2019-20
Class Syllabus
Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance - the REAL story
Wed. Sept. 4th - Cyanotypes!
Photography and Creative Writing
Homework: Title these Photos - Due Mon Sept. 16th
Photographer Richard Kavlar
Pinterest Page - Photos that tell a story
A Guide for Looking - Edmund Feldman
Composition tips from Adobe Lightroom
How to Take Street Photos
Assignment #1 Inside/Outside Stories Due Oct. 7th
Second Photo Assignment: Create A Scene/Portraits Due Oct. 30th
Compelling Portrait
How This Photo Was Made
Creative Approach to Portraits
How to hold your iPhone while taking photos
Fun Photo DIY Tricks
Printing in a traditional dark room
Artists Solve Problems & Are Critical Thinkers
Inspiration! Resources shared in class
How to Upload Your Photos
Adobe Lightroom Tutorial Videos
Gopher Football Player Loves Photography!
So true!
Info on digital SLR camera modes and settings
How a digital camera works - video 1
How a digital works - camera parts and functions
How to hold your digital camera
What is the "Rule of Thirds?"
Ansel Adams and the Golden Ratio
Composition! BE CREATIVE!!
10 Rules for Photography
Finding Vivian Maier
More About the Life of Vivian Maier
Robert Frank, famous Jewish American Photographer
Robert Frank - Jewish American Photographer
Golden Age of Jewish Photographers in America
American Photographer - Edward Weston
14 Photos of Tel Aviv
Israeli Teen is Dedicated Nature Photographer
Annie Liebowitz on Photograpnhy
Photographer Ken Van Sickle
Saul Leiter - Jewish Photographer to Discover
100 Best Photo Apps for iPhone
Shanah Tovah!
Hag Sukkot Sameach!