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6-8 Graphic Design I & II 2019-20
Class Syllabus
Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Videos
MPLS Parks Poster - 2018
Fun animation of Designer vs. Client ;-)
Color Test - How did you do?
Can You Pass This Color Test?
How to Think Visually
GD I - Zen Doodle - Pen tool exercise
GD II - Font Animal - How to use letters and characters
GD I - Design Concept Exercises
GD I Assignment - Personal Color Palette
What colors will you choose for your palette?
Elements of Graphic Design
GD I - One Concept Design
GD II - Six Words Project
How to Design a Logo
If Great Scientists Had Logos
Logo Examples
In Defense of Comic Sans
Minneapolis Font Designer, Chank Diesel
GDI - How to design a magazine cover
Unified Design
Color in Design- what colors communicate
Literary Arts Magazine Cover Examples
GDII - Important points when creating product packaging
GDII -Cereal Box Design Examples
How to Create a Brochure in Illustrator
Minnesota Vintage Travel Posters
Artists Solve Problems & Are Critical Thinkers
What is Graphic Design?
The Universal Arts of Graphic Design
Design is Everywhere!
Less is More - Let's Watch!
Clipping Mask with Text Tutorial
Video Tutorial - How to Make a Half Circle
Making Shapes Info Graphic
Pen Tool Tutorial
Design is Complicated - Use Geometry!
Adobe Illustrator Tool Guide
Composition Guide
Blend Tool tutorial
The Art of Logo Design
Logos for Famour Artists!
Famous Logos Get the Bauhaus Treatment
Color Emotions & Logo Design
More Typography Tips
History of Typography
Typography Tips
Thinking outside the box! New designs for Norway's money - Cool!
Inside the Pantone Color Laboratory
Color Thesaurus & Pantone Color System
HMJDS Alum, Grace Washko
Logos for Famous Artists!
Comic Book Artist, Brooke A. Allen