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7-8 Clay Sculpture
Clay Bobble Head
Basic clay building techniques: Slab, Coil and Pinch Pot
Underglazes used like watercolors
Time Lapse - Sculpture of Evil Pirate
Scraffito Technique
Simple Clay Animal
Sculpture of a Dog
Applying Wax Resist
Slab Construction - Boxes
Dragon Eggs
Sculpture Busts - High School Student Work
Artists Solve Problems & Are Critical Thinkers
Clay Sculpture syllabus & calendar
Clay Sculpture Pinterest Page for Inspiration
Meet Ceramic Artist Gerit Grimm
Gerit Grimm
Sculpting a Clay Lion - High School Student's Work
Picasso makes a clay bird
Applying Underglaze With a Stamp and Other Techniques
Sculpting baby faces!
Project #2 - Pinch Pot Faces
Coptic Jars