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What's Happening in Gr 4 Art!
11/4 Clay Monsters - air drying
Clay Monsters! 2-D to 3-D!
Monster Drawings on Display!
9/26 We're almost done with our Monster Drawings!
Explore the Bunyips Folklore Creatures of Australia
First Day of Art SHOE DRAWING
Contour Line Drawing! Cool!
Time Lapse of a Shoe Drawing!
Walter S. Arnold - Gargoyle Carver
Clay Monsters!
Clay Monsters on Display!
Movie clip - Girl With the Pearl Earring - mixing paint
Making Egg Tempra paint - SCIENCE IN ART!!
History of Paint! Paint From Scratch!
Clay Whistles on Display!
How to draw a 3-D sphere!
How to Shade Basic Forms
Gradation Study: Drop of water
Fun drawing Exercise with Line - Optical Illusion
Charcoal Value Study Still life
Using a Cartoon and Pounce to Transfer Image Onto Fresco Wall
Cartoon Process Used During the Rennaisance
How to Draw a Anime/Manga Girl
2 Comic Book Artists Draw a Superhero
Online Comic Book Creator - Hebrew too!
Easy steps for creating a Flip Book
Amazing Pop Up Book Artist, Matthew Reinhart
American Jewish World Hanukah Illustration Contest
Skechbook assignment:
Donald in Mathmagicland
Examples of Fairies for sketchbook assignment #2
Sketchbook Assignment #3: Monster in a Scene
Cave painting in Indonesia - Hand stencils and animals
Cave Paintings of Lascaux, France
Artist uses dirt to create a mural.
Interesting history of rare pigments
Harvard University Pigment Library
Infographic on the history of pigments
Hatching, Cross-hatching, Inking In and Stippling
Quick tutorial on hatching and cross-hatching
Sketchbook homework assignment #7 - "Morandi Still Life"
Correct Proportions for children to adult
Drawing proportions of an adult and a child
Body Proportions Interactive Web Site
Leonardo's Facial Proportions Study
Video tutorial on how to draw a caricature!
90 second caricature!
Shanah Tovah!
Hag Sukkot Sameach!
End of Year Note to Parents
Use up those skecthbook pages over the summer!
Have a great summer! Explore! Be Creative!
Summer Art Activites