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Welcome to 3rd Grade Art!
Caryon Resist Watercolor Demonstration
Crayon Resist Painting
10/28/19 Fall Art Display - Come check it out!
10-24 Finishing Our Pastel Still Lifes!
How to draw a colored pencil still life.
Tips from your teacher - still life drawing
10/3 - Clay Fossils!
Clay "Fossils" and Leaf Prints
Faux Fossils!
First Day of Art - Rubber Duckies!
Animated short video on Leonardo da Vinci
Let's Learn More About the Mona Lisa - web site
Leonardo da Vinci website - Play & Learn!
More of Leonardo da Vinci inventions
A Few of Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions
Time Lapse Video of a Watercolor Botanical Illustration
Sketchbook Assignment #3: Fruit & Veggie Still Life
Clay Cereal Bowls!
Easy slab method for creating a ceramic bowl
Clay Cereal Bowls!
Grade 3 cereal bowls on display! Check them out!
Weather Paintings
What is symmetry?
Sumi-e painting - bamboo
Sumi-e painting examples
Animation videos we watched in class on:
Amazing Pop Up Book Artist, Matthew Reinhart
Have a great summer! Explore! Be Creative!
Summer Art Activites
Use up those skecthbook pages over the summer!
It's Spring! Let's help the birds make a nest!
American Jewish World Hanukah Illustration Contest
Sketchbook Assignment #3 - Fruit & Veggies Still Life
Leonardo da Vinci - Dream of Flight video
How Leonardo made Mona Lisa smile.
Digital Mona Lisa reacts to those looking at her.
Sketchbook Assignment #2- Nature Study Drawings
PBS series Behind the Scenes: David Hockey - Snippet
Drawing a road and landscape in 1 point perspective
Interactive web site: Perspective- How do artists do that?
Girraffes - 1 Pont Perspective
Sketchbook Assignment #4 - Horizon Line Drawing
Sketchbook Assignment #5: Favorite Color Design
Picasso Makes Faces video clip
Picasso Draws and Paints Animals
Sketchbook Homework #6 "Picasso" Animal Due:
Picasso Style Comic Characters
Picasso Face Drawings - We begin!
Night Drawing Examples for Skb #9
Winter break fun from the Tate Museum in Britain
Hag Sukkot Sameach!
End of Year Note to Parents
L'Shanah Tovah!