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Welcome to Grade 2 Art!
11/4 Clay Landforms - First kiln firing
10/28 Complementary Color Designs
10/28/19 Fall Art Display - Come check it out!
10/2 Color Spinners!
STEAM! Kaleidoscopes!
How Kaleidoscopes are Made
Sept. 18th - The Dot by Peter Reynolds
Sept. 11 - Paper Bag Trees
Ready to Fly!
Landforms on Display!
Making Marbled Paper - The Professional Way.
Marbled Paper! Milk, Dish Soap and Food Coloring
Pop-Up Hanukah Cards!
Portfolio Bags
American Jewish World Hanukah Illustration Contest
STEAM Projects 2019-20
L'Shanah Tovah!
End of Year Note to Parents
Have a great summer! Explore! Be Creative!
Summer Art Activites